Our Story

Rashell Cosmetics was founded over twenty years ago by chemist Mehrdad Mobassery in Los Angeles, CA. After many years of perfecting his formulations to create reasonably priced alternatives to the top brands of the day, Mehrdad retired. And he sold his company to me!

My name is John Dorsey, and I am the new owner of Rashell Cosmetics. When I first discovered Rashell, I was blown away by the quality and staying power of its star product, the Hair Mascara. I run a women’s hair accessory company, and it felt like a natural next step for my family and me to take on Rashell. The women in my life love makeup. My two daughters and my wife (a total beauty fiend) are big fans of Rashell’s cruelty-free, skin-friendly products. Rashell is the best kept secret in makeup. If you’re just now finding out about us, welcome! And if you are one of our many longtime loyal customers, I just want you to know how grateful we are to have you in the Rashell-a-verse!