Make Dying Your Hair Easier Than Ever Before

Whether you buy your dye from a box or regularly go to the hair salon for your hair coloring, dying your hair can be a real chore, and one that needs to be repeated too often. Depending on how fast you hair grows, you could end up needing to touch up your roots every other week. Fully dying your hair every time one of those intimidating grey or discolored hairs pop up can also end up being expensive. Fortunately, value priced Rashell Cosmetics Masc-A-Gray hair color mascara is the perfect remedy to your hair dye woes.

With Masc-A-Gray hair mascara, you no longer have to worry about your roots showing in the days before your regular hair appointment or when you give yourself a full dye treatment. The product comes in nearly every shade and color to help match perfectly with your hair, with colors like black, auburn, copper chestnut, blond, and much more. A mascara-like wand is applied to the roots, and in minutes you’ll have everything covered. There’s no easier way to cover your roots, which is why Rashell offers it among our other incredible wholesale makeup products.

No matter if you’re looking for cover up for your roots or the best lipstick brand on the market, Rashell Cosmetics have the high quality products you need to look and feel amazing. We are dedicated to creating a positive experience for our customers with an online shop that’s easy and secure to use. We even offer free shipping! Finally, all of our products are manufactured in the United States and Germany, so you depend on us for the finest in quality and value.